STURM WELDING, INC. beginnings date back to the Butterfield Junction Stagecoach Line when it was a blacksmith shop and livery stable. Since then, It has evolved into a thriving business which serves a diverse customer base including local farmers, ranchers, do-it-yourselfers, contractors, commercial accounts, municipal and federal markets.

Our success has come by overcoming obstacles, concentration on strengths, education, assistance, and community involvement.

STURM WELDING, INC. is loyal to its customer base and to the development of new markets in the private and public sectors.   

Not only does STURM WELDING, INC. have an amazing team, but outside influence has played a part in STURM WELDING, INC.’s recent success.

Let it be duly noted that the firm is being led by a woman and is prospering in a male dominated industry. 

STURM WELDING, INC.’s employees are mostly men and its customers are predominantly men.  It is important to understand how this obstacle effects business relationships.  In the man’s world of STURM WELDING, INC., knowledge is power.  As its leader, Shawn Patricia Dollar has learned to understand her customers’ requirements and directs her staff to provide its clients with the best personalized solutions to their individual needs. 

Experience and instinct has taught her that sometimes it is necessary to step up and assert herself as the leader and other times to step back and allow the “man to man” relationships take their course. 

When Mrs. Dollar took the helm in 2008, a door opened for eligibility into the SBA’s 8(a) program.  This is a program with rigorous qualifications and takes stamina and dedication. 

STURM WELDING, INC. gives back with a commitment to serve the local community.  The firm provides donations of equipment and manpower to assist in restoration and beautification of the town square, allows employees time off to participate in parades and celebrations, manufactures custom products free of charge to upgrade athletic facilities, offers discounts to local non-profit educational firms, employslocal residents and is a member of the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce and Lake Ray Roberts Rotary.